How to Register on Baba Ijebu: Desktop and Mobile Registration

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As we mentioned earlier, Nigerians have tested their luck and fortune using this lotto since the 1970s. The brand is currently called Premier Lotto (this name was authoritatively established in 2001), be that as it may, most natives still referred to it as Baba Ijebu and uses that old title in discussions.

It used to be easy to partake in Baba Ijebu lotto online. But, it is now challenging to play the game online on it official website in 2018. PremierBet is remains under the Premier Lotto's umbrella. It's a family business, yet you cant use their web page to play your preferred game on the web.

You can do this on your MTN cellphone. All you need is an MTN account, a great Internet connection, your telephone, and a bit of luck.

Baba IJebu registration is not only via having MTN telephone number, it can also be achieved by offline by visiting vendors in shop or stand, buy a ticket and bet.

Remember, you’ll have to use your ticket to cash out your money if you win. Mobile customers can see every one of the outcomes directly on their gadgets after each draw. Perhaps one day the Premier Lotto site will offer customers the alternative to play lotto or buy tickets legitimately on their site.

Desktop Registration

STEP 1: Go to Click “Register” at the right hand side of the page; go ahead and fill the form that pops up on your screen to start your Baba Ijebu Registration.

The biggest lotto in Nigeria is babaijebu Lotto and also the oldest game in the country that has been in existence since the 1970s. Many individuals have the belief that this game can make their dreams come true.

If you have interest on playing Baba Ijebu, keep reading to find out. This game is paying Nigerians every single day. You can play this game every day too if you wish. You can try different strategies: learn all the rules, guess numbers and read predictions. All these strategies can help you.

STEP 2: The screen that pops up on your screen confirms that your Baba Ijebu registration is successful and you can Select your wallet later on.

Mobile Registration

The mobile version has a great user interface. Baba Ijebu registration on mobile is the same as that on desktop.

STEP 1: Go to and locate the “Register” button at the right-hand side of the site. Click on it and go ahead to fill the form that comes up on the screen.

STEP 2: In this next page, you will get a confirmation that your Baba Ijebu registration is successful

Love by many and revered by the ordinary man on the street. It has paid bills over the years. Baba Ijebu has come to stay with many more cashouts for those that know their onions.

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