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Desktop Registration

DOXXbet is a global bookmaker with a strong reputation and has been online for several years. It has been in sports betting since 1994 in Slovak.

DOXXbet created novel mobile application, which offers customers full betting service. After registration, customers can get their accounts recharged by using ATM cards or using Sportbox terminals.

The company is also noted that if a punter needs to check winnings, he can do so without much of a stretch by scanning the barcode on the bet slip through his online account to get the total result of the c matches staked on.

STEP 1: Go to the site and at the righthand side click on “Register.”

DOXXbet website desktop

Recently, the company is operating sportsbook in a variety of prematches and live games. The company in it’s capacity is operating the Sport Box in Nigeria but with the introduction of virtual betting as well as casinos.

The Director maintained that SportBox is a selfservice betting terminal, which enables customers to bet alone, without the assistance of DOXXbet staffs. In his opinion he added that eligible customers can overview events then place bets; also check their tickets on terminals which is presently making betting simpler than ever before. Finally, as stipulated the minimum stake is N100, while there is no maximum stake. He, however, said the highest amount an individual can win on a single bet slip is N5 million.

With DOXXbet registration completed, If customers are eager to make cashless transaction, they are free to go online on the website or making use of the mobile application.

STEP 2: On the next page, you’ll fill the form and input your phone number, email, date of birth and tick the terms and condition box, then click on “Sign up”

DOXXbet registration

STEP 3: Verification code will then be sent to your phone number; input the code and click “Register.”

DOXXbet phone verification in registration

By so doing, an activation link has been sent to your email to activate your account thereby setting up your password.

STEP 4: Go to your email box and click on activate.

DOXXbet registration account activation on email

Mobile Registration

STEP 1: This is no magic as the similar steps taking in the desktop registration is also adopted for mobile registration.

Log on to the website at the top right hand on the page and click on “Registration.”

DOXXbet mobi register

STEP 2: In the next page you are requested to complete the form input your phone no, email, date of birth and several other things, and don’t forget to tick the terms and condition box then click on sign up.

DOXXbet mobile registration how to

STEP 3: You’ll get a message that says, Registration Data Were Accepted. That mean you’re almost done with your Doxxbet registration.

Login with your details once you’ve completed your Doxxbet registration. You can start predicting the games in matter of seconds.

DOXXbet successful registration on mobile

STEP 4: Open your email box then click on activate. Now your Doxxbet registration is complete.

Doxxbet is here to stay and that means more money for punters that are ready for it.

Rating 3/5

Bonus ₦200,000

Great welcome bonus

Rating 3/5
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