How does the discussion of bookmaker complaints on the Green Bet work?

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In this post we will talk about how our section for the resolution of disputes with the bookmakers, how to use a new form of complaints and how complaints being discussed on the site.

Filing a complaint

To file a complaint at bookmaker need to fill out a form. Only registered users can fill in the complaint form:

The site is published and publicly available:

  • Type of dispute
  • Dispute amount
  • The name of the bookmaker
  • Date of complaint publication
  • Complaint Status
  • Description of the dispute (text of the complaint)
  • Conclusion of the Green Bet on the complaint

Information available only in private communication for the complainant who created the complaint (bookmaker's employee) and authorized employees of the Green Bet:

  • Login
  • Email

Attaching files to the complaint.

Files confirming explanations of the player can help us in a dispute with the bookmaker. If the moderator decides to post images, all confidential information will be deleted from them.

Complaints handling

As soon as you send the completed complaint form, our moderators will receive a notification about it. The moderator gives it the status of "Opened". If any clarifications are required from you, the moderator will contact you, if not, your complaint will be sent to the bookmaker representative for consideration.

The exceptions are complaints to bookmakers who do not cooperate with RB as an intermediary and refuse to discuss player complaints with us. Such complaints will immediately fall into the category of "Ignored". A complaint can be defined as “Rejected”. The reasons for this are the professional game in the amateur bookmaker, the return of bets on a knowingly erroneous odds, etc., it will fall into the category of “Rejected”.

We make a decision on the complaint within 3 days if the involvement of the bookmaker is not required (without taking into account delays in responses from the player).

If it is necessary to involve the bookmaker, 30 days are given for the decision on the complaint. We can extend the complaint processing time if the bookmaker provides detailed information on the need to extend the decision period, otherwise we will close the complaint as unresolved.

Discussion of complaints

In the discussion of the complaints involved:

  • Player - Complaint Author
  • Representative of the bookmaker company
  • An employee authorized to work with complaints Officer Green Bet

Result of the discussion of the complaint

Depending on the course of the discussion the complaint, it is assigned one of four categories:

The status of "Resolved" is assigned to the complaints, which was a positive decision and payment is received by the bookmaker or a compromise was reached;

The status "Unresolved" is assigned to complaints for which it was not possible to achieve the desired solution. Several complaints with this status can be grounds for a downgrade of the betting company;

The status of "Rejected" is assigned to the complaints, in which the player requires the office that he is not allowed according to our requirements for the bookmakers. A frequent example of an unjustified complaint is a complaint of lowering stake limits.

Status "Ignored" is assigned to the complaints office, who do not accept the "GB" as a mediator and refused to discuss the player complaints with us.

Statute of limitations:

No complaints are accepted on the calculation of bets made more than 3 months ago.

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