How to register on Megabet

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Megabet is a gambling platform that is well known among the Nigeria bettors, they offer loads of sporting events and other games like casino and virtual sports.

The website is well built with easy to navigate buttons that are very useful to bettors. If you as new to the gambling industry or to the Megabet platform, this article will give you a step by step procedure to register on the Megabet mobile platform.

How to register Megabet account on desktop

To register on the on the Megabet platform you need an active email which will be used to activate your account and also contact support when any problems arise.

The following steps can be used to register an account on the Megabet platform, start by locating the registration button on the top right of the website.

Megabet register now

Click on the green register button and a registration form will pop out on the home page of the website, fill in your username, email and other important details on the first part of the form then proceed to the Next button.

Megabet how to register in Nigeria

On the next page of the registration form you will fill in your personal data which includes username, email, and password then proceed further to check the agreement box.

Megabet registration Nigeria

A new window showing that the registration was successful will pop up at the end of the process.

How to register on Megabet bookmaker

How to register Megabet account on your mobile device

Visit the megabet mobile website and locate the join button on the top right of the home page, click on it and a registration form will show up.

Megabet website mobile

Fill in your email and other necessary details then scroll down and check the agreement box after reading the terms and conditions.

Megabet register on mobile

Megabet promo code registration

Proceed to prove that you are not a robot then click on the register button and a success message will pop up; you will be redirected to your new dashboard.

Megabet how to complete registration

You can further click on my profile on your dashboard to check if your personal data is correct, and then proceed to make your deposit and start betting.


Megabet registration is very easy, it only take few minutes to register and start betting, the data needed for registration are easy to remember, meaning intending users can register an account anywhere as they don’t require too many personal details or a computer to register an account.

If you want to join the wining platform and kick start your betting journey then, this simple step by step process will help you achieve your goals.

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