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Wazobet has been on the forefront of sport betting as they offer amazing products that comes with eye catching odds, wazobet follow sports betting best practice with a website that has the A-Z tutorials on how to use their site and place bets.

This article will give you a run down on how to register with wazobet desktop and mobile site version; before we get started all you need is a working email and a phone number.

Wazobet registration process is divided into two methods, this means, you can either use your email or your phone number to register.

Wazobet registration Nigeria

How to register on the desktop version

Open your web browser and visit then locate the yellow registration button on the left top of the website, click on the link and a registration form will load. Choose the method that is suitable for you and click on the register button.

A new message will be displayed on your desktop browser screen that your login details have been sent to your inbox.

Open your email and check your inbox for the verification link, if the email is not in your inbox check the spam folder and you will see the mail that contains your verification link.

Click on the link to verify your account after account verification then an email that contains your login details will be sent to you.

Login and make your first deposit to claim your welcome bonus which will be showing on your account home page.

How to register on mobile version

Most bettors prefer placing bets with their mobile device so, using your mobile device to register on wazobet is fast and easy, just like the desktop version you need a functional phone number or email to get you started.

Visit and click on the yellow registration button, the registration form will pop up on the screen of your phone browser.

Choose the Registration method of your choice and proceed to fill in your phone number, click on the register button and a text will be sent to your phone that contains a link to verify your account.

After verification your login details will be sent to your phone, you can then login and proceed to make your first deposit.

If you have any form of problems while registering, you can contact support and they will guild you with the registration process.


The desktop and mobile registration process on wazobet is easy and anyone can do it as the website is self explanatory. You can get started today with wazobet if you want to be a part of the amazing offers they have for their users by clicking on the registration link on the website.

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