«Everton» — «Brighton» prediction by Tony Okafor

Everton will be playing Host to Brighton & Hove Albion in Saturdays Premier league game. Everton which is three positions ahaed of Brighton & Hove is occupying the 11th position with 25 points from 21 matches while Brighton & Hove is at the 14th position with 24 points from 21 matches.

Brighton & Hove were lucky in their last match with Everton defeating Everton to 3:2 in their first leg match this season played in October 2019 from a last minute own goal by Lucas Digne after another lucky early equalizer to 2:2 in the 80th minute by a penalty goal showing that their winning was more of luck.

An outstanding point to note this time is that Everton is palying from Home against Brighton & Hove and from record since year 2015 Brighton & Hove has not won Everton at Everton's Home. Everton also Hove recorded an impressive record of winning home matches in the Premiership this season placing them 6th on home match winning table while Brighton have had a very poor performance record playing from Away position this season placing them on the 16th position in the Away performance table this season.

I am therefore confident that Everton will defeat Brighton.

Single Bet: Win
England. Premier League
Everton - Brighton & Hove Albion
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