«Levante UD» — «Real Madrid» prediction by Tony Okafor

This game between Leva te Vs Rael Madrid from every indication is expected to go to the favour of Real Madrid following their current performance which has place them on the number one position in the Spanish LaLiga table this season compare to their opponent Levante FC.

Levant FC is currently number 13 on the Spanish LaLiga table this season with 29 points having played a total of 24 matches with 9 winnings, 2 Draws and 13 loses while that Real Madrid is occupying the first position on the LaLiga table having also played a total of 24 matches recording 15 winnings, 8 Draws and one lost.

Real Madrid is also ranking number one in Away win performance in the LaLiga table this season an have recorded an excellent performance in their last 6 LaLiga game recording 5 consecutive wins and one Draw in thier last match with Celta Vigo while Levante FC have had a poor performance record in thier last 6 LaLiga games recording 5 loses and just a win.

Therefore, with the current performance of Real Madrid I am confident that they will come out victorious in this game.

Single Bet: Loss
Spain. La Liga
Levante UD - Real Madrid
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