«Liverpool» — «Atletico» prediction by Tony Okafor

The UEFA Champions league final stage game between Liverpool FC vs Atletico Madrid is no doubt expected to be a tough one for the two clubs especially as Liverpool is expected to put in their best performance as they must secure a victory by at least two goals in these return match to guarantee their continuous stay in the tournament and Atletico Madrid on the other hand will be fighting to end with at least a draw having won their first leg match against Liverpool 1:0 at Home.

Atletico Madrid stayed strong in their first leg match maintaining the 1:0 win from an early 4 minutes opening goal by Saul Niguez which has given them an edge over Liverpool but considering the current Home position which Liverpool will be playing Atletico in Anfield a stadium that has been described as a tough stadium and not many teams get out alive.

Therefore, I am expecting to see a very determined and fighting Liverpool side as they have shown in the English Premier League coming strong to defeat Atletico.

Single Bet: Loss
UEFA Champions League
Liverpool - Atletico Madrid
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